Apple Parfait Onee-Loli Yuri Anthology.

Description: Onee-sans doing questionable things to lolis.
Genres: Drama, Girls’ Love, Romance, Slice of Life.
Links: Mangadex

Bizarre Love Triangle.

Description: Yano Shiki, a boy who only shows a facade. Minase Akiha, a quiet and reserved transfer student. Minase Haruka, the other side of Akiha. This is their bizarre love story, one where the distance between them is limitless/zero.
Genres: Psychological. Romance.
Links: Mangadex

Madonna ga Glass Case no Naka.

Description: Yamamoto Yuuya (32 years old) works in a pet shop specializing in reptiles. He’s a bit of a reptile fetishist. Although he has no luck with women, he manages to remain fairly happy. Suddenly when a beautiful girl shows up wanting to buy a gecko, his life changes… !?
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Harem, Slice of Life, Loli.
Chapters Released: 16
Links: Mangadex

My Classmate Tanaka-san is Super Scary.

Description: My classmate, Tanaka-san is super scary… or is she?
Genres: Comedy, School Life, Slice Of Life, Romance.

Oji-san ga Joshi‚óŹsei ni Warui Koto wo Oshieru Hanashi.

Description: “I’ll teach you what’s bad.” As a high schooler, Ayumu’s at a sensitive period in her life. She ends up being educated on adult matters by a bearded old man wearing a black t-shirt
Genres: Comedy, School Life, Slice Of Life.
Demographic: Josei.
Links: Mangadex

Omaera Zenin Mendokusai!

Description: For some reason, Kunitachi Kunihiko, a language arts teacher, always finds himself quarreling with his student, Kazumiya Kazumi, an anti-social girl without any friends. When he tells her to make some friends, she declares: “Be my friend, Sensei.”
Genre: Drama, Romance, Comedy, Harem, School life.
Chapters Released: 50
Links: Mangadex

Ore wo Suki Nano wa Omae Dake ka yo.

Description: What would you do, if a girl you’re interested in would confess to you? On top of it, what if there was another girl as well? A cool upperclassman adored by the whole school and your cheerful, energetic childhood friend. I bet you would be over the moon. Thing is, what if there was an unexpected problem about the contents of that confession?
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance,Harem, School Life.
Links: Mangadex

Seishun Buta Yaro wa Petit Devil Kouhai no Yume wo Minai.

Description: Sequel to ‘Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume o Minai’, adapting the second volume of the light novels.
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, School Life, Supernatural.
Links: Mangadex


Description: The person I like. I want to know everything about the person I like. Because I like him. Because I like her. Everyone undoubtedly holds the desire to know more about the person they like. Within the varying types of love, this form exists as well.
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Links: Mangadex
Chapters Released: 25

Syrup PURE Onee-Loli Yuri Anthology.

Description: –
Format: Anthology.
Genres: Yuri.
Links: Mangadex

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