Force Field Girl.

Description: A boy who is bullied gets saved by his…Force Field Girl!
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Harem.
Chapters Released: 8 (24 in total)
Links: Mangadex


Good morning psychopath

Description: One day, a boy meets an Android. It was an encounter to know “life”.
Genre: Drama.
Chapters Released: 2
Links: Mangadex

Oneechan-wa Koiyoukai.

Description: Yuuki Kuwahara, a boy who decided to live alone at his father’s parents house when He entered high school. He used to plays alone at his grandparents house … with a pleasant expectation that He may meet again with a longing person He met when He was a child!
However, in that house where nobody was supposed to be live in. But, the unexpected welcome waited for Yuuki …!
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Harem, Monster Girls, Supernatural.
Chapters Released: 8
Links: Mangadex

Starting out as Friends With a Yankee Girl.

Description: A guy fell in love at the first sight with the school #1 delinquent. He steeled himself and asked her out, but…
Genre: Romance.
Chapters Released: 4 (10 in total)
Links: Mangadex


Yomitai Hon wa Nai Keredo.

Description: Ryouhei is a high school student at risk of repeating another year. For the first time in years, he visits the library to study. However, he encounters a cute girl studying opposite him! Even though there’s no book he wants to read, he visits the library the following day, the day after that, and so on.
Genre: Romance, Comedy.
Chapters Released: 2
Links: Mangadex

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